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Hi-- I've had my pouch for 20+ years.  It was redone in 2001 by Dr. Fazio but it has never functioned well.   Dr. Shen did the banding on me in June 2021 for a severe prolapse and I've had anal pain ever since.   So - I'm considering switching to an ileostomy.  BUT, according to one surgeon I consulted, I likely have a lot of scar tissue from the redo and it may not be possible to excise the pouch.   I would like to know if anyone has had a redone pouch excised and if so what their experience was.  I'd also like to know what the ramifications are of having an unused pouch hanging around in the pelvic cavity.  I believe there is a cancer risk associated with having it unused but I'm not sure and can't find anything in the literature.


Thanks so much,


P.S.  I was supposed to see Remzi in July and he canceled on me with short notice and wanted me to see his P.A.   I'd love other suggestions for surgeons, particularly in Boston or San Francisco. 

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