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Recently I was reading an article about a British Airways long distance flight that had to aborted because of a foul odour coming from the toilet. Maybe the poor perpetrator had a j pouch. It would be interesting to know how everyone else copes during a long distance flight. Amongst the many other worries, long distance flights is a concern, given how confined the toilets are I imagine it would be hard to get rid of the smell. 


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Interesting how some of us J-pouchers gain weight easily (too easily) and others can't keep a pound on their bodies.  Additionally, some of us have a strong odor every time we have a B.M.  Ohters (me) have virtually no odor at all!  I wonder what makes the difference?  I'd carry Ozium with me into airplane bathrooms and use it sparingly if odor was a concern since we can't strike a match!

I just go do my business and do not worry about it.  I try to leave the toilet cleaner than I found it.  I always have baby wipes with me.  I try not to eat gassy stuff prior to flying.  I have survived 18 to 20 hour flights from DC to South Africa, Buenos Aires, Beijing; also LA to New Zealand without issue.  I plan on going to the bathroom to empty my pouch every 4 hours.  I also try to go about an hour prior to landing since the descent always messes with my j-pouch.

I fly long distances regularly for work.


Generally, I pop in imodium day of the flight and go on my way.


That said, I don't generally have order issues, though I imagine the sounds that come from the bathroom might give the flight attendants working in the galley pause.


At the end of the day, everybody poops.  And everybody's shit stinks.  We've all gone through too much to worry about normal bodily functions.

I traveled for work to over 34 countries for eight years. I probably flew over 100 times each year (2x a week at least). Back and forth to Europe from western Canada and let me tell you, I punished those airline bathrooms like nobody's business. That news story is ridiculous. I've sat beside barfing toddlers that set off a chain reaction of barfing throughout the cabin and no plane ever turned around!


Eat what you need to when you need to and go to the bathroom when you need to. You can get the mini air sprays from febreeze if you really feel like you need them as they are airline friendly. My problem was always the gas I had made me so uncomfortable with the cabin pressurization. Especially upon landing. I was worried the people next to me could hear the gurgling.



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