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I just had another valve revision with my K-pouch and recovering very slowly. My surgeon prescribed lomotil to slow down my bowels (malabsorption, dehydration and malnutrition). 

I know many pouchers take lomotil so I'm wondering two things: 1- why is it a controlled substance and 2-are there any side effects such as gas or bloating?

It was prescribed in liquid form to take at night. Can anyone shed any insight into lomotil since I read about it but have never taken it. Thanks! Kara

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Hi Kara,

Nice to hear that you are finally on the 'other side' of the surgery and finally healing.

I know that I was prescribed and took Lomotil prior to having my k pouch and that it slowed my bowels down significantly (slows the bowel motility) but that is just about all that I can remember...

No idea why it is prescription unless it is an opiate derivative (opiates slow bowels)...if you are 'running like a faucet' and your body does not have the time to absorb what you are eating then it is a very good thing to be on Lomotil...generally, us K pouchers need the opposite...We need to keep our output liquidy but your case may be different...

Just make sure that once you are on it that you chart your output and that it does not get too slow or thick for you to the moment, you should be very 'in  & out' with your catheter and not suffering to intubate...So keep an eye on it.

Heal quickly


Just posted urgent message to everyone in K-pouch group urgently asking for info on Dr Dietz in Cleveland. Did he do your K-pouch? Do you still see him?

I have a 19 year old K-pouch that needs work but I need to know whether I can trust Dr Dietz or should I look elsewhere.

Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


What is wrong and what do you need? How can I help?

Can you please post in Poucherlifestyle on facebook as may get a few more responses...just in case...there are a lot of people there that are having their BCIRs and K pouches redone you may reach a larger pool of opinions...


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