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I had my colectomy and jpouch surgery 16 years ago at CC Florida by Dr.Steven Wexner. I have had great results but this week I was admitted to the hospital for a blockage...not fun! I am back home and feeling much better. I eat fairly healthy but realize that nutrient absorption needs help. What liquid vitamins are any of you men using? In the hospital my labs indicated low iron and b-12. I had a ng tube that cause bleeding hense the low hemoglobin numbers.

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Not sure if liquid, chewables or gummies are best...I think that they are all very well adapted to our situation...So much better than the horse pills that I used to choke on and find leaving my body whole. (TMI?)

I do find that for the Vitamin B's that GNC has very good liquid drops.

I take either the B's or just the depends more on what is available when I walk into the store than what I really need.

As for multis I use chewables from Costco and add an extra iron if need be.

I am not a vitamin snob so I shop the sales and the best prices...


Mike weather head posted:

Liquid vitamins are great ,I also need b12 shots I do myself b12i absorbed in the large intestine no by mouth or stomach ,when I need it m hands hurt incredible an after 10 minutes they don't an more energy, an energy is my pro lem

You can get B12 tablets that you place under the tounge so they get absorbed that way. They are labelled sublingual. But you need to check that they are working.


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