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Good day all,

I have had "tailbone" pain since the beginning of the lockdown in March. And after doing a biopsy found a light pouchitis. That is now causing lots a spasms at the same areas. 

I have been given :  2mg budeno and then 40mg cortisone for like a week but did not improve and now on 2x 500mg cipro et VSL3.

I have been able to eat EVERYTHING for the last 2 years without the colon. Just coffee, lactose and chili spices would make me go straight away, so I don't think it was related to food. Now I know I am VERY stressed on a daily basis and I know that is what has caused me pouchitis ( Lockdown + 8 exams + uncertain future due to COVID). And then, I am freaking out on having a chronic pouchitis or having to go back to the bag so it is even more stressful (vicious cycle) so I want to try anything possible from the start... 

So far I have read that : - Low carb, no gluten, 2x 2teas spoons of manuka honey, eating fermented (kombucha and kefir) could help ? Any taught? Ideas or advices? 

Also doing meditation and taking CDB oil to reduce the stress but not sure if any of you have more advices to give... 

Thanks a lot for your advices,

Stay safe all of you !  


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Hey Sofya,

hope you are already better now.

The normal dose of budesonide (Entocort) for me was 3x3 mg per day. In the past years I reduced it to 2x 3 mg most of the time, since I took it for a long time.

The cipro is often taken together with Flagyl for pouchitis. If you are still having trouble that might be an option.

The other things you mention - well there's a lot one can try, but perhaps not all at the same time. Reducing sugar and alcohol is a good idea from my experience.

As you did't have a problem in the past years you can probably forget about the gluten.

If you are lucky you can get rid of inflammation with the antibiotics and carry on es before.


Hi steve! Thanks for your message Really appreciated it .

So I have cut gluten for now, it as well reduce my intake in sugar. Like i'll go for a apple or fruit an yaourt/kefir instead of an easy snack bread and something on it like jam or so. So in the end i just consume less sugar without the gluten i feel like. 


The cirpo kinda help, but I still feel like it is "weird" down there. You know what I mean ?  Like I have no more pain at the sacrum area, no more urgency but I feel like the inflammation isn't yet gone. So I guess, i'll just hope that is doen't flare again and in the mean time will follow your advices on cutting sugar and getting some probiotics in too  


Hope you are doing well and that you are taking care of yourself  


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