Hello, I had my j pouch constructed 3 years ago when I was 18 years old. I have been living great since then although I had to have another emergency surgery this year to fix an internal hernia, which was quite scary. I am wondering: is it possible to grow old, to a very old age, with the same J pouch? Will my pouch age with me? Will I be subject to more difficulties as time goes on, or does a hernia usually only happen once? Worst comes to worst, would I be able to return to an ostomy? Are there are any J pouchers here who have had their pouch for 40 years? 

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I have had mine for 27 years. I am pretty sure or at least hopeful that I will die with it because I have been able to treat the chronic inflammation for 24 of those 27 years. And yes, you can return to an ostomy if it fails.

I never had a hernia issue.

Your J pouch is just made with part of your ileum or small intestine, and therefore it will age as does the rest of your ileum.

I've had my K pouch for 40 Yrs this summer...still the same pouch...it is made out of your intestines, no artificial materials so it should age normally like the rest or you or even better for some.

Hernias are an occurrence that can happen for a lot of reason, inborn muscle defect or weakness, overexertion during exercise or lifting of something heavy or due to age and the thinning of your muscles. 

As a woman, I started getting them after age 45. I got about 8, one after the other and then a few at a time because my muscles were thinning out and getting weak with age...now I am all mesh in there and things are better.

It is a lottery. You just never know but I would not worry about it too much...you deal with it and whatever life throws at you one day at a time...and in the meantime...You live your life and enjoy it!


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