This isn't imperative but I figured I'd ask. had a lot of crazy things going on so I haven't been able to post lately but anyway-

I'm not a huge fan of spicy food but whenever I have anything spicy that I can handle (medium salsa for instance is close to my threshold), I have to rush to the bathroom about 2 hours later and it BURNS with occasional cramping. Has anyone figured out the secret to eating spicy food to make its final passage less painful?

Also I don't actually have a J-pouch, my doctor just connected my rectum to small intestine, I made an account here originally thinking I would have a J-pouch.


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Time...over time my tolerance has increased.  Making sure you eat something that absorbs some of the spicy or balances out the spicy.

I add yogurt and even cream cheese to spicy curry eaten on rice noodles. Coconut milk in Thai curry again eaten on rice noodles.

Salsa mixed in cheese dip with tortillas. 


I have more issues with oranges and orange juice than I do with spicy. 

Yeah 6 months from JPouch my tolerance seems to be improving too.   I used to pride myself on being able to eat any food, on holidays in local restaurants i often like to ask the waiter to 'surprise me' with their favourite dish, and it not needing to be toned down for me.

Since the op i struggled with anything, even if just based on curry powder, but recently I've progressed back to medium strength spice.  Basically the hot Chinese dishes or the medium Indian Curry's.  Something like a Singapore noodle or Balti is now reasonably comfortable for me.


I think the key though is avoiding the bum burn.  If the anus gets sore then it gets sensitive to pressure which makes me feel i need to go more!  I use sudocrem right before using the bathroom, then blot (not wipe) after the loo, then clean the area with water, dry fully, use calmoseptine or equivalent.  It certainly helps me significantly. I guess the mix of tomato acid and actual spice is savage on the behind!


If your cramping that's probably gas!  Could be something doesn't agree or could be combination of foods.  For example i combined a yummy home made veg soup the other day, with a slice of Hawaiian pizza.  I can eat individually with no issues, but the combination of fruit and veg seemed to bloat me bad.


Are you sure it's the salsa and not the did you had salsa with that's causing you issues?


I have a k pouch...spicy doesn't affect me on the exit as much as you stoma gets irritated but unless I really overdo it or go on a 1-week binge (holidays) I am reasonably satisfied...That said, I have had mine for 38yrs...things used to get hot, irritated and, like the others, I find that spices go well with yogurt or milk or coconut cuts down on the burn...lemon also helps (counteracts the acidity somehow)...

Give it time or use in moderation.


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