I have my last of the three surgeries on Oct 5, 2016...Since November 2016 i been having some strange things going on like the worst one is I now has nausea spells almost everyday...it mostly happens like 15 to 20 minutes after i eat an last for hours...i been to a GI specialist an a gastro do...an they both say it dont have anything to do with my j-pouch....but its affecting my life...i started treating it as if i was having acid reflux..but still didnt get any relief....its giving me anxiety issues...also i been having sinuses issues....dont know if that related but i did take a skin test an found out that i was tested positive for 17 allergies out of 40!! �������� but i now take Claritin 10mg a day for that...i just want to know has anyone having stomach issues besides me??? I forgot to mention I have excessive gas issues...

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Hello, Mzmcgee1232. 

Look at the label on your crystal light mix. It might have a huge amount of sugar. Even if it is sugar free, it uses chemical fake sweetener which is very hard on the body and hard to metabolize. Could the drink be causing your excessive gas? 

I have also been dehydrated and had IV fluids in the hospital. One dr told me by the time I felt symptoms, drinking water would not help. I now take electolytes everyday. There are several choices at vitamin shop or online. I also ordered something called"salt stick caps" that are capsules with electrolytes--easy to take. NUnn tablets are also good. Drop in a bottle of water, very tasty. They also have electrolyte gummies which are easy to take when you are out. 

Good luck.

Both times I was dehydrated, I did have to get IVs to get back on track. Then I started with the electolytes.

Since I have severe sinus issues, the post nasel drip will cause stomach issues and nausea.  I have had 8 sinus surgeries and suffer terribly from severe allergies andmpost nasal drip.  Try Zyrtec and see if that helps but see a really good ENT.  Let me know if I can give you any other information.

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