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Hello everyone

Long story short, had a pouch for 16 years after UC diagnosis in 2002, had 14 great years but the last 2 have been hard and i have now been diagnosed with Crohn’s due to inflammation in the ileum.

I’m 6 weeks on Humira and it’s not doing anything for me yet, i have pain and blood but no urgency or diarrhoea , strangely the only thing that stops the blood in it’s tracks is antibiotics.

I have always had a curious relationship between anxiety and my symptoms, i know for a fact it brings them on and exacerbates them, and then it becomes an all encompassing spiral.

Red wine / alcohol instantly calms my gut down, i can literally feel the anxiety reduce in my intestine, but this is not a long term option.

I want to try and reduce my anxiety and possible mild depression (from the crohns) as i believe it might even help some of my symptoms.

I have some Lexapro at home which i never opened and im tempted to try 5mg, my concern is if it causes me loose stools and diarrhoea when i’m effectively in a flare right now.

I’m just desperate to get some relief mentally, so should i try it? Or could it make my Crohn’s worse?

Thank you

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