Looking ahead to my takedown in a couple months... and shopping for a bidet!

Soo I'm leaning towards the COCO 9500: http://www.biolifetechnologies...COCO9500X-Bidet.html. I don't think I'll need the "enema" feature but I really like the sound of unlimited warm water. Any thoughts on that model? Suggestions about another way to go? I've heard TOTO washlet is awesome but I'd say $400 is about the top of my price range.

I'll be moving a few weeks after takedown so I'll need to uninstall then re-install whatever bidet I end up getting... from looking at the installation instructions it looks like that shouldn't be too hard, but has anyone personally done it? It seems like a hassle to install in the old place for just a few weeks of use but that's probably when I'll need it most, right?
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I have a TOTO Washlet but have had it for about 10 years. I'm the only one in my house who uses it. I treat it like a king! I really don't miss it when I'm out and about.....even for days or weeks. But, the minute I'm home I do realize how nice it is to have. If I were to purchase one now, I'd buy whatever is reasonably priced and uses warm to hot water. I don't have a bidet with a blow dryer but do have a seat warmer. Even in California, that seat warmer is nice in the middle of the night! Spoiled????? Not much!!!!!
I had the 9500 model for a couple of years. Make sure you have an electrical outlet within about 2 ft of the toilet. My first year I didn't feel I really needed it after the first three months but during the second year it became very important after I developed pouchitis. The Toto model is much easier to clean but that is really the only difference. Both are very good products.
I own a similar model and installed it myself. It is straight forward and not a big deal if you are comfortable with a wrench. What I especially liked about my coco is that all the parts I needed for installation came with the unit - no hunting for a stray nut at the local hardware store.

It is easy to uninstall as well. I moved mine down to a different toilet after a while for greater convenience. Piece of cake once you have been through the process.

I installed mine almost two years ago. I don't have the awful butt burn I did immediately after reversal, but I find life is WAY better with it. It is now part of my new normal.
I'm curious to know if the people who have had a bidet for a long time still use it. I was going to get one after takedown but never did. I don't really need one most days but there are days boy that I wish I had one...today being one of those days! Sometimes my rear just gets so damn irritated from toilet paper. But, I don't want to waste my money.
I have a 23 year old pouch and have only had a bidet for several years. It's a COCO - and yes, I use it all the time. Heated seat, endless warm water, and I actually love the turbo/enema spray. It has many settings, even a setting for children so you know it can be extra gentle.

I also use a minimal amount of TP because now I only use it to pat dry. I have stopped using the dryer feature because it added extra time that could be taken care of with a pat-dry.

Mine has never had a problem. Ever. Well except that time it didn't work at all. But genius that I am, after trying everything to reset/fix it, I realized the GFI tripped. I pushed that little red button and it was good as new. I still point out to DAMN BRIAN that I fixed it all by myself.

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I have the Coway BA-13. I paid 500.00 for it but it is an awesome one. I have tried cheaper models but there was no comparison. I have 2 of them actually. One at home and one at our weekend get away. I think they are lifesavers (or buttsavers I should say). I honestly don't know how J-pouchers can do without one. It has made a world of difference for me and my recovery.
I have the TOTO in the bathroom next to the bedroom and love it. No dryer, but the heated seat and warm water cleaning is wonderful. Next to my office I have the gizmo that was just $50 that had to be installed by a plumber since my husband install it is a spray that comes off the back of the toilet but I don't like it that much as it pressure is to strong and the water can be cool.
Toto washlet. I've had it for 10 years and could not do without it. It broke once, last summer, I shipped it to the factory and it came back perfect. They even managed to get all the hard water deposits off of it. I think it cost about 125.00 to fix it.

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