see attached and join me tomorrow:

...Plus you all know so much I don't- all of our journeys are different, lett's help each other and let's talk about it!

This Tweet Chat is a great way to keep IBD awareness at the forefront and talk to and with the people with the $ and the power (aka United Healthcare in this case) about what WE the patients want and need to improve OUR lives! It's a rare opportunity to get to speak to those that can make that a reality for us, and we have the chance tomorrow so please join.
This is for caregivers as much as patients-- anyone who is touched by IBD, so PLS PASS ALONG, AND JOIN!
see attached for details- the Twitter Chat is tomorrow, Wednesday June 30th at 12 noon EST. Twitter handle is @lyfebub 
"How do we improve the quality of life for people with IBD through innovative solutions derived from patient insights?"


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