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Hi everyone I've just had my rectum removed and j pouch created two weeks ago today!!! All going great feel wonderful as I don't have constant pain and bleeding from my rectum. Down side I've swapped my lovely little end stoma that never bothered me in the full year I had it I never had a leak for a loop stoma.Now well iv had one or almost had one every day but yesterday and during the night has been the icing on the cake!!!! I had 3 leaks yesterday during the day and two during the night!!!! My skin is all red irritated and bleeding.i did make an appointment to see my stoma nurse and going to the hospital for 10 in the morning but it has all gotten me down a bit. It irritates me that I didn't have to take any pain killers yesterday that I ha a really good day but yet there is always something post op that makes the day somewhat bad.

Yesterday was also my one year anniversary of my first op to remove my large intestine after just being disgnoised for a few weeks with UC
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Yeah I had a big problem with leaks too when I got a loop from an end stoma. My stoma nurse came the next day and gave me different appliance with a riser that was better for loop ileostomies. I even had to customize how I put the adhesive on the flange each change.

Best thing you can do is get your stoma nurse asap! There's also a spray and powder that will help heal your skin. I used holister stoma supplies and they're the best!
Hi Grace,
I am sorry that you are having a hard time with the new stoma. The leaks can really put one down but hang in there. Once you find the right supplies you will not have to deal with leaks. Try to see a good stoma nurse ASAP. I was having some issues with my stoma too and my nurse suggested I start using an adhesive paste along with other stuff and it seems to have fixed the problem. I also use Hollister products and so far they seem to do the job fine.
Thanks went to see my stoma nurse she gave me different bag that pushes the skin down to make the stoma set out from the skin. It also has security ring in the outside to hold it in place. Seems to be working but confidence shook a bit and now have turned into one this people that constantly check the bag. She gave me a barrier to put on skin also which seems to be helping the irritations.i never had an issue with my stoma until now. Also do any of you find that no matter what you sa your output still really liquidy? I end up now having to take delorhylite every day cause I get really shakey and sore head. Thankyou for support though I had really rough few days.

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