I've never struggled with so much consistent leakage at night...

Has pouchitis caused leakage for you?  I'm wondering if I have pouchitis and don't know it...

My last flex sig showed mild inflammation, but they didn't feel the need to start a probiotic.

I have stopped VSL#3 because they stopped manufacturing it and I'm wondering if this has contributed to an increase in my pouchitis.

I feel hopeless....I'm sick of waking up with leakage....

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Nighttime leakage is a common symptom of pouchitis. If it increased when you stopped the VSL then there’s a good chance that they are connected. VSL #3 is available again, and I filled a prescription late last week. All that being said, VSL #3 alone is unlikely to successfully treat active pouchitis. A 10-14 day course course of Cipro or Flagyl seems like an easy next step, and you may get quick results.

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