I'm 15 months post take down and my health hasn't been this good in 15 years, i love my pouch so much so one of my friends is having it done because she has seen the improvement in my quality of life.

Occasionally a leak at night, a lot to the point where it leaks through my boxers, bed sheet, mattress protector (not a water proof one)  and stains the mattress.

I always keep a folded up strip of toilet tissue between my cheeks as i have fissures which leak a little.

In the morning this paper is always damp with a varying level of staining.

There is no pattern to this but now i am always worried it will happen again and always wake up easily and am always feeling my bottom for wetness.

I need to think of something that will offer protection against this laundry disaster.

My partner isn't very happy when it happens as she then has to spend the day washing and drying the bed sheets.

I don't mind the nappy idea as this would solve the problem but she isn't keen on having her man wearing nappies to bed, 'what if the kids see' is what i get. 'I want a man....not a nappy wearer' is another.

Whats worse is we are going away next week to her parents caravan and will be sleeping in their bed, now thats a thought i don't want to become reality!

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Maybe consider some liners in the ol' tighty-whities?  Go for the thin ones, see how they work for you.  Check out Always extra long liners. They are very slim and just stick.  Don't tell your wife and she'll be none-the-wiser.  You could consider two or even three if it's not as contained as you'd like.  

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