I'm new to the kock pouch, had the surgery on May 4, 2012. They told me it was normal to have the cramping because the pouch is stretching, but how long does it take for the pouch to be at its biggest and how do you know? Any replys are appreciated, Thanks grandma64
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How long are you holding it now? Are you on a stretching schedule? Mine was really bad the first week I started to hold it through the night. I was also put on Bentyl and it helped a great deal with the movement, pain, gas, etc. It gets better. I think mine was about 3 months post op it was easier but do not suffer, always talk to your doctor about things to take in the process.
I'm up to 3 to 3 1/2 hours, then I have to empty, because I can't stand the cramps and it even makes my lower back hurt. But as soon as I empty, it's just pure relief!! So I guess I'll just hang in there and try to wait as long as I can between emptying. Thanks for replying!! grandma64
Oh I know how it is! My issue was gas. I had horrific gas straight out of surgery so they thought I had pouchitis. I tried gasx and all that over the counter stuff and nothing helped. Every week I had to add an hour to holding and it was awful if I was cramping or had gas but I tried to hold out since I wanted my pouch to stretch. Bentyl helped a lot, not sure if you are in the US but that could be an option for you. Another one is Levison (sp). Call your doctor though for sure! I had to call mine every week to check in and report.
Thanks for the info! Yes I live in Indiana. I to have bad gas, when I empty 1/2 of it is gas. I'll call my dr. and see what he says, I appreciate your reply, beings I'm new to this. grandma64
The pouch stretching is the hardest part of the kp surgery. It will continue until pouch is mature.

Even a mature pouch can get cramps but they will not last as long as in the early weeks. I still have severe cramps if I've waited too long - but once I interbate, it's all good.
Thanks for replying Janice! Is there a estimated time for the pouch to be fully matured? Just wondering? grandma64
I am not sure on your surgeon's schedule - I'd check with them. And, it depends on if you take the stretching more slowly. It's 6 - 12 wks or more.

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