I highly doubt that mine is 'normal' but...
They did not close it off completely but allowed it to close on its own sort of.
So, it is sort of 'not very pretty' but then again, how many people look down there?
It doesn't look like Barbie's butt...that is for sure.
Not 'flat' or creased but sort of scar tissue.
I am sure that they do a better job today than they did 35yrs ago so have her discuss it with her surgeon to find out how he deals with the closure and how it is going to look.
She is a courageous little girl.
Thanks for the replies! I had in my mind it would look the same only not have an opening but then wondered if it would be just a line. We will ask her surgeon. She said she doesn't care but I'm curious! If I was a cat I'd be dead from all my curiosity. Must also be the nursing student in me. Smiler. They told us sometimes it has a hard time healing and might need packing. Again, nursing practice!! :/

lHetti I sent you a pm asking more questions. Hope you don't mind.

Sharon I don't know how you do it with operation after operation!

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