Does anyone have any experience with fermented Kefir grains with a jpouch? I have a jpouch and was thinking of starting this. I am going to run this by my doctor also but wanted to check here too. Thanks!






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Hi Gayla. I am also considering drinking kefir. Did in the past prior to all surgeries but after step 1 and 2 surgery I stopped as was prescribed capsule probiotics. My doctor was not familiar with kefir so didn't take any chances. Now I am 2 weeks post takedown and keen to introduce kefir again as natural probiotic. Did you get feedback from your doc? Have you started taking kefir yet? Keen to find out more about optimal diets for j-pouchers.

I actually just started drinking Kefir milk this week.  I also take Align.  So far so good.  It hasn't caused me any problems.  I haven't noticed a significant difference in function but I haven't been drinking a ton of it and didn't expect to notice a big difference.  I'm doing it because overall it'll help protect my gut and keep bad bacteria at bay.  


I've been trying to really keep grains and processed sugar to a minimum.  Similar to the paleo diet but not fully.  I find my pouch works best with a diet of lots of meat, eggs, nuts, avocados, veggies and fruits.  For breakfast I just eat a banana.  Lunch and dinner can consist of either salad with spinach, avocado, turkey/chicken, tomatoes, pecans, dried cranberries; scrambled eggs with some ham or turkey added, salsa, spinach and an avocado; some kind of chicken breast baked or grilled with veggies; steak and veggies; etc.  There are many options and combinations you can do.  I'll also drink smoothies that consist of almond milk, spinach, blueberries, peanut butter, or some other frozen berries.  I find when I succeed at limiting or eliminating grains and processed sugar I feel significantly better overall and my pouch functions the best.  

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your post. I have  been drinking kefir a week now and love the idea of getting in valuable probiotics naturally. I am also take a probiotic supplement, but could be different strains to the kefir I must check. I mix a third cup of kefir with a handful of spinach, some avo, a banana a cored apple, a teaspoon peanut butter and squirt of lemon juice. Process in my Nutribullet and drink up for breakfast. I can't say I notice any j-pouch difference, but I know my gut must be healthier with the kefir. Once I have recovered more fully from the surgery, I am sure I am going to feel great.

I am also still following the post - op dietician advice of low fibre, low residue diet, and eat a lot of soft veg and starches. I want to change this as struggling with constipation and also picked up a bit of weight since the op. So am going to change to more fibre (fresh veg, maybe some lentils, quinoa, brown rice ?) and see if I can get by without laxatives. I notice grains and roughage seem to be avoided by most j-pouchers. Why is that? As I have a third large colon intact and didn't have UC or Crohns (had a tumor instead!) I wonder if I can tolerate grains as were never a problem before.

At 4 weeks post take down I am starting to enjoy the benefits of the take down. i.e. no colostomy bag maintenance and the freedom to eat a wider variety. I am looking forward to the next few months of more recovery, resolving constipation and my ultimate goal, to take a walk in the mountains. Life is good!

Hello, Capetonian. Grains and roughage do not break down (they are insoluable) and so it comes out the way they went in. Nuts and seeds, lettuce, raw carrots, broccoli stalks, cabbage, are insoluable too. They do not break down. They might hurt a lot coming out or cause some constipation, or even diarrhea as your body tries to flush and push out the roughage. Soluable foods break down in your gut. Zucchini (peel the skin!!), mashed or boiled potatoes, fish, egg, cheese, break down easily in your intestines and come out pain free, hopefully. Be careful eating your lentils. Beans can cause problems because of the skin, same as green peas. All the yummy things.....

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