Just curious how many people out there are able to hold full time jobs with their active Crohns. I find it increasingly difficult with the number of doctors appointments and general malaise.  However, I am nervous to quit working also.  Has anyone felt better after they quit? Any input would be much appreciated!

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I have worked as an attorney full time with active Pouchitis/Crohn’s for almost 27 years. I am certain I would feel worse if I stopped working, both from financial stress and boredom. I am going to work until I drop unless I get some illness that robs me of my mind eg Alzheimers Disease. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said, “idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.” I truly do believe that. All my clients who are out of work have depression, anxiety and substance abuse issues. These are the things that drive people to criminality. When we are productive we are happy. I firmly believe this. I also believe that being motivated for my job has kept me healthy enough to do my job. We all struggle but one must have the will to fight the struggle. It’s an ongoing struggle.

The biggest factor in keeping a job is liking the job. I like my job. You have to be able to like yours. I have worked at a number of different places in my adult life and one has to fit in at whatever employment they are at. Jobs can be good and bad fits. Sometimes some adaptation is required. I have seen some coworkers come and go because they didn’t adapt well for one reason or another. Bottom line is you have to enjoy your job and be able to get along with coworkers.

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I agree with what CT just said, I had a hard time figuring things out and constant worrying all day killed me. Its better to have a fulltime job or atleast a part time one. Mine is a 8 hour job plus one hour for commuting. It helps me get my mind off the surgeries and issues. If anytime I am having a badtime, I either dont eat at all at the office or rarely take a leave. 

Mine is a case of colitis, so I dont have to visit my doctors alot, but I'd have done job anyway. When sitting idle you start to go through a crazy train of thoughts. 

Hope that helps a little 👍

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My husband was able to go back to his job after his operations.  Now, he works from home, though he does travel for his job.  He has had his j-pouch for 24 years.

I had to take time off work when I first got sick at age 59.  I was unable to work for 9 mos. and dropped 35 lbs. from 115 to 80.  I was anemic, on TPN, had blood transfusions, C-diff, shingles and just before surgery, I had Erhthema Nodosum.  My job typically requires me to be on the road, but my employer allowed me to work reduced hours in the office at half the pay.  It was better than nothing.  After my third surgery, I started out in the office and eventually back out in the field, part time (my choice).  I retired a year ago last January, or so I thought.  Now working again two days a week-I was asked to come back to help out for as long as I like.  It’s good to get out as long as I can schedule my appointments to fit in with my bathroom schedule and since I control that, to a point, it works.  I will be 65 in October and will reassess then.  I have UC, not Crohns.

I love my work as an animator, but it has become very difficult with the onset of inflammatory arthritis. I previously had two businesses, I had to sell one as it was too much. I now work part time , freelance from home and also look after my kids part time.

My wife is working full-time now so we have adapted to our circumstances. I still dream about getting back to work full-time as an animator, I hope I get there one day, somehow.

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