I had a flex sig a week ago and biopsies came back with chronic inflammation. The doctor I saw had never done a jpouch scope and has referred me to someone else. His suggestion between now and when I see the new doctor is to “keep doing what you’re doing.”  The problem with that statement is I am currently doing nothing! The flagyl has stopped working, which was the reason for the scope. 


Any suggestions for a poucher with a 6 week wait to see a decent dr?

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My symptoms come and go, but the main ones are nighttime leakage (often severe), watery stool, and cramping. I wouldn’t say my symptoms are severe, but on average they are moderate. 


I have only tried flagyl and uceris. Uceris worked but stopped almost immediately after the 6 week dose. Flagyl worked for 4 years and suddenly stopped. 

Yes I’ve tried all of those at various times, but I can start them up again. Thanks for the reminder of them. The vsl#3 is difficult for me to take (bloating pains), but maybe I can try them again. 

Jan, Cipro wasn’t offered to me. I walked the doctor through the scope and made suggestions for treatment after he told me he had “read books about my condition that week.” At that point I realized he really didn’t know what to do with me (with much frustration) and decided to walk out. I also found out yesterday that I am expecting, so Cipro is out.

This can be tough during pregnancy, since so many options are off the table, even for your more knowledgeable replacement doctor. Although appetite is very complicated during pregnancy, if you can manage to substantially reduce carbohydrates you might see some benefit. Lomotil is probably safer than Imodium, at least during the first two trimesters, but it requires a prescription. Slowly increasing the VSL dose may help reduce any bloating, and the bloating often passes if you are patient.

Congratulations and good luck!

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