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J-pouch folks, I am having the worst time at the moment, not because of any bowel-related problems, but the absolute, astonishing and incomprehensible stupidity and negligence of some people at my GP (primary care) clinic.

Six weeks ago I was suddenly told in a very unpleasant phone call from an admin staff member that my appointment that afternoon was cancelled and I was no longer to have any appointments there.

In other words, I was expelled!

To no avail, I asked why, what is going on. No answer. Who authorised you to cancel my appointment. No answer.

As you can imagine, this was beyond upsetting. I was getting on well with my doctor, no disagreements, in fact she had gone out of her way to help me organise an obscure treatment. I thought all was well in GP land.

And what was my crime, you ask? (But criminals have to be informed of their changes, so I'm treated less well than a criminal.)

Well, you will be astonished to hear that ... I hadn't done anything wrong and there was no reason for me to leave. They invented the whole crisis and whipped it into six weeks of absolute hell for me FOR NOTHING.

The actual problem was that my doctor, who is a registrar, was feeling a bit out of her depth with my dysautonomia and wanted me to transfer to another doctor. Should have been fixed by a simple conversation between us, right?

But no, some dill, who I've never even spoken to, told everyone firstly that I had left, and secondly that I refused to see a male doctor. Both of which he had invented after misunderstanding a conversation with my carer and were completely incorrect.

We tried repeatedly to correct this misinformation by contacting the senior medical staff. I tried to speak to my doctor. No go.

Turns out that the management has a policy of ... wait for it ... never communicating directly with patients. So the dill was speaking for me, instead of me speaking for me.

We had to contact the chairman of the board via another organisation. And oh suddenly they can send us a letter.

I am so furious. Had I been a patient with depression or without family support, goodness knows what would have happened.

Oh and they haven't even bl**dy apologised.

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Oh, they also broke the Australian code of conduct for doctors and refused to give me any documentation to take to a new clinic.

Any new clinic will look on me with suspicion when it becomes known that I was expelled from my last clinic because I have no paperwork to show the reason.

I am now going to be driving (4 hours return trip) to my old clinic in the city. So much for "escape to the country"!

I do not think you are alone in your experience.

My local GI basically discharged me at the first sign of dysplasia in my rectum. Handed me off to a colleague at a university hospital. Perhaps he saw the future for me and wanted no part of it. I never heard from him again and new GI doctor still takes care of me post TPC/IPAA.

perhaps they did you a favor and you will find better care going forward.  I am not familiar with the condition you mentioned, but if a doctor is not comfortable, in my opinion, it’s time to move on.  In fact I had a doctor who was clearly not comfortable treating a post surgical complication but never advised me to look elsewhere.  I had to fire that doctor and look elsewhere.

I think you will be better off in the long run finding the right caregiver to treat your issue.

best of luck!

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