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My little niece, who is now married with kid...just had her first major flare in over 20yrs. She had what I think was UC or Crohns as a kid and teen with major flares (according to her mom they were typical of what we all know) and was effectively treated. 

The "family" called it faking, nervous stomach, a way to get out of school...usual old school incomprehension...stating that now that she is an adult she is just fine...proof that it was 'all in her head'...

This week she hit ER after 2 days or non-stop bloody stool and killer pain (baby is 10 months old, I was amazed that she didn't flare during the pregnancy) and was admitted but discharged with treatment 2 days later...

The "family" is back on the, 'it must be Psychosomatic' ride...all in her head...

I thought that I had educated them on the subject, that they knew that this is a genetic disease and not a way to skip school (blood diarrhea for 3 weeks is no vacation from classes!)...

Now I am worried about my granddaughter...she started having serious 'tummy problems' last year...but the step-kiddies are not taking it seriously...the Dr prescribed a 1 month treatment for her recently but her mom stopped it after 2 days...and the little one started throwing up immediately afterward...

Because it comes and goes they are using the 'doesn't like middle school' excuse.  They do not want to see the facts...she has skin rashes and and brother too...

How do I get my step-D to take this seriously? The little one is in tears...loves to eat but cannot..too much pain.

I have no rights here and am told to butt out, that I don't know what I am talking about.


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