So I just really want to rant a bit. Not even about my j-pouch. But about the downside of getting older, getting sick, antibiotics, blah, blah, blah.

I apparently picked up the flu bug from my j-pouch daughter almost two weeks ago. She seemed to get over it in about 4-5 days. Other people have told me similar duration and symptoms: low fever for several days, a day or so of stomach issues, and usually some sinus and or lower respiratory issues. Me? Anymore if I get anything lower or upper respiratory, I am dealing with it for at least a week to shake the virus, and then inevitably have to deal with a bacterial issue (either bronchitis or sinus infection - or both). So frustrating, and lingers so long.

The result: nights sleeping in the recliner because laying flat causes me to cough myself awake, antibiotics - which help cure the bacterial infection and minimize BMs, but also can make things runny to a bad point. Yesterday morning I thought I had a little gas. I thought to myself, "Well, I'd better check on that," and sure enough - it wasn't just gas. Ugh. Same antibiotics, different gut reaction every time it seems.

Anyway, I have much to be thankful for but still get bummed by this stuff.


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Yuck! I hear ya. Idk why that it does seem to linger as we age. Are you feeling back to normal yet? My eldery (wel, somewhat elderly but not that old ) parents got the flu a few weeks back and it took them weeks to recover (they are still recovering). Some people just bounce back quicker than others. Just be luck you still bounce  

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Thanks Bubba. It's been two weeks now, and I am probably 90-95% of normal finally - minus the antibiotic side effects, but that doesn't really count.

Growing up I didn't get sick that often, but when I did get sick - I usually did it up big. I would get fevers that would reach 104-105 sometimes and my doctor would tell my parents to double up on Tylenol and NSAIDs to bring it down. I used to have a lingering fever-induced hallucinatory memory from when I was young. It was so hard to put into words, other than I saw and felt geometric shapes in that episode. Glad I don't get fevers like that anymore.

And yes, two weeks isn't terrible, I suppose - except that my wife and daughter were quite a bit less symptomatic and it didn't last near as long for them. Oh well.

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