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I have a general question about pouchitis. If the inflammation involved with pouchitis is typically confined to the pouch, why is it that pouchitis causes such watery stools, when the pouch itself is such a comparatively small part of the ileum? Would this not suggest that more of the bowel is involved? If there is no problem further up then stool should still form normally. I can't imagine the stool just liquifies once entering the pouch.

Sorry... sometimes I think too much. *LOL*
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The stool is pretty much liquid as it approaches the pouch. The terminal ileum and pouch adapt over time to absorb more water and that is how it is more thickened over time with the pouch. Bowel slowing agents add to this effect. When you have pouchitis, the inflammation stimulates peristalsis, not just in the pouch, but throughout the gut. The amount of effect is a reflection of your personal sensitivity to the infammation.

This is why some people have little to no diarrhea with significant pouchitis, while others have terrible diarrhea with minor pouchitis. It is sort of like how a group of people can eat from the same tainted buffet and some will get extremely ill and others will feel "off" for a few hours.

But to get back to the question, what is occuring in your pouch can affect the gut in general, like a domino effect.

Jan Smiler
Everything starts in my gut. I had most of my stomach removed so for me I have digestion issues. I can feel chocolate move through me in every part of my digestive tract. Weird crap. Anyway, some foods for me are just pure liquid. If I eat pizza it is just green liquid that comes out.
Then I have days where I don't really poop for 2 days and don't do anything different.

I have a continent pouch and haven't had pouchitis, just SIBO and cdiff.
Spooky I am having this problem in a bad way the last few days. I was taking Loperamide as needed for runny BM and doing ok but didn't need it so stopped. I always kept going but it was better, hurrah, right? I've been on the same diet and I've gained 3 pounds and have worse abdominal pain than usual. I'm not only in cramping pain but it feels sore too, does that make sense? It can't be a partial blockage as I am having good looking BM's, passing gas and all seems normal, except for the cuffitis flare I am having. I am aggressively treating it with canasa and anucort.

I'm thinking my system must be backed up, this feels just like UC and the cramping. I am taking some Dicyclomine, anti-spasmodic, along with the Norco I take daily and I am taking the maximum Norco daily dose. This pain has me bed bound with my heating pad. I have always hated taking Dicyclomine, the little blue pill, as it makes my vision blurry.

I'm diagnosed with IPS, not pouchitis, they've never caught anything more than a tiny amount of inflammation in my pouch.

I just finished 2 weeks of Flagyl a week and a half ago and did a week of Augmentin before that. That was when my stools were out of control water. I don't think antibiotics are the proper thing to use now. I'm taking double VSL#3DS so will stop taking that until I feel better.

Does anyone else have any suggestions other than drinking something warm, juices, heating pads, warm baths, etc?

Everything appears to be working ok, besides the cuffitis, so what's wrong? I'll call someone if I quit "going".

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