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Hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if the second surgery for the jpouch three step surgery is more painful than the first surgery of having the whole colon removed. I know everyone's body is different and genetics and one's state of health is all different. In about a month I'm having the second surgery. Just trying to find out what to expect on some kind of level. I've been eating right and doing a lot of walking and am doing pretty good over all. Has any of you had the three step surgery for the jpouch done recently? Thank you.

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I also had 3 step surgery, and recovery was hardest and slowest after the second step for me. My second step was open surgery, so if you will have laparoscopic surgery, recovery probably will be easier than mine. My first and final step were laparoscopic, and they were much easier. However, since they built the pouch during the second step, it still may be harder than the others  despite being laparoscopic. Good luck with your surgeries.

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I had 3 step surgery. I dont remember the second being any worse than the others. I was so sick for the first one, my colon ruptured and I was very weak. With the 2nd I had stomach pain which I soon learned was external because the loop ostomy leaked more and my skin was raw and irritated. I had a lot of issues with leaking that I did not have with the first surgery, and I think many people do.

I had no pain with the second surgery except for an ng tube was put down my nose on day 3 and it hurt because it took nearly ten goes by three different nurses and a doctor to get it down.I also had many leaks as the stomas swelling went down but then my experienced stoma nurse put me on a convex bag with a belt and that seemed to work but the loop seemed to empty more often and I felt more down to the can't wait for takedown that I was ringing them up but I still had to wait 6 months and I was counting down the bag changes .Then after takedown it's another struggle for two months or so and then feel great hopefully.but everybody's journey is different everybody's different.

The relief of getting my diseased colon out after the 1st surgery was so tremendous, I dreaded the second step. It was more painful, and I too had severe leaking and raw, burning skin with the loop ileostomy formed by the 2nd surgery. However, my surgeon was very compassionate and pushed the 3rd surgery up. The takedown was a game changer in my life and though it took quite a while to train the pouch and adjust my diet to know what I can and cannot tolerate, it was absolutely worth it and I would do it all over again. Hang in there, Joe. Everyone's experience is different and none of this is a picnic. But it is meant to and can lead to a better quality of life. Best wishes to you for success all way round!

Hi Joe, I had my third surgery two weeks ago. I had a similar experience to many of the folks on this thread - I had a very easy first surgery (out in three days) but my second surgery was much more challenging. I developed an ileus and required an NG tube after serious nausea and vomiting. I ended up in the hospital for 10 days. After a few weeks being gone the stoma swelling went down and I also started experiencing very bad leakage/burning. Finally we figured out a convex pouch with a tight ostomy belt did the trick! I did not experience any greater surgical pain, just bad luck with the ileus and not figuring out the right pouch solution until late in the game.

Currently Two weeks out from the final surgery and this is challenging! Lots of urgent trips to the bathroom, but also glad to be heading towards recovery!

Good luck with #2!

Hope you get well soon. I'm getting a little nervous about the second surgery coming up in a few weeks but I'm also looking forward to getting it done. Some scary stuff you went through. I've been trying to do everything to stay healthy and get ready for this. I walk every day, eat well and dropped 5 pounds because I was gaining weight. Thanks.

That’s great that you’re getting healthier! This may turn out to be easy peasy...truly hard to predict. Even when it’s challenging, a few months later it becomes a distant memory. Keep up the spirits and I’m sure you’ll be fine! And if the ostomy is leaking - try a convex with a tight belt! Totally changed the game for me.

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