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I’m 1 week out from my second takedown and I’m not sure if it’s worked!

My original pouch worked well for 6 years until I had major problems emptying it caused by what was thought to be a long efferent limb and/or animus.

The pouch revision surgery involved cutting away 4cm of excess rectal cuff in the hope that this would sort the problem out. However, in my first week my old symptoms are still persistant! Still struggling to get anything out of the pouch and relieve myself. So it points to a muscular problem with my sphincters that I know is hard to fix - I’ve tried biofeedback and Botox with no success.

i guess there’s a small chance that it’s only been 1 week and things could get better, but not a great start! If it doesn’t improve after 3 months I will not hesitate to be get myself booked in for an end ileostomy so I can get on with my life (more major surgery though) - this revision surgery was a gamble and early days don’t look good! Hard to deal with.










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