HI all, I am interested in what kinds of nerve damage (if any) people have experienced from any jpouch surgery. I am preparing for pouch removal and due to dense adhesions I am advised by my surgeon that some form of nerve damage is likely with the pouch removal. 

What have others experienced? 

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I only had mine for two years.. been gone (removed) for 2 and a half and all I have is a but if numb skin.  But even that has been coming back.  Other than that no problems. I think they just give you the worst scenario to cover their backs. You'll be ok.


I've experienced nerve damage with two different surgeries. One was an ileostomy revision and the other was an ostomy closure, bowel resection, reattached to jpouch. In the first situation I was terrified that the pain would be chronic but it dissipated in about six weeks and I experienced nothing after that. In the other, more recent one, the surgeon told me they cut a nerve. It was very painful and, again, I was concerned it would become chronic. Three weeks later, i has  all but disappeared. Hopefully you will not experience nerve damage and, if you do, here's hope that it will completely heal. Our bodies are pretty amazing really. 

My surgeon did a combined 8 hours of extensive adhesion work during my last 2 surgeries with 5 of those hours when she removed my j-pouch.  I have numbness at the incision sites but feel better overall.  It is due to both the j-pouch removal and lysing of the adhesions.    

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