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@Andreita posted:

It's 5 cm it's supposed to be 2 cm

I wasn't bleeding though. Or at least not visibly

My leftover rectum is causing a stricture and my entire intestine is swollen as a result of it. My new stoma is very big. It'll go down though. It's already constructed much better than my previous ones

DAAANNNNGGGGG!!!!!! That is crazy! I wonder why your surgeon made it that long? Do you plan on suing him??? You do not have the same surgeon right???

Let’s not jump to conclusions here by implying malpractice when we do not know all the circumstances. Not taking sides, but there can be conditions present at the time of the first surgery that we are not privy to, like the condition of the patient. An example is a poor mesenteric reach. Plus, sometimes people assume entering into litigation is like ordering a pizza, fast and simple. But, it can go on for years, drain your bank account, and consume your life. A poor outcome does not mean malpractice. As Pouchomarx mentioned, bad results can occur in the best places with the best surgeons.

Andreita, I am so glad your first step went so well. Were they able to salvage the old pouch, or will it be a complete redo?


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