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I had the jpouch for abt 7-8 years now. I'm deaf myself. I'm dating a hearing guy. I have been noticing at night time, my jpouch has been really making noises and its pretty embarrssing especially when I am sleeping next to him. There has to be something that I can do to stop it or at least reduce the noises it makes. Any advice on this will be appericated.
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I have had my j pouch for 3 years now I have not found a way to quiet the noises. I am sure it's a fine balance of diet since certain foods may make you more gassy. I'm not willing to change my diet because it doesn't bother me that much but you may want to try eliminating some things to see if it's something you are eating. I have heard people post here that say taking probiotics help. The noises do however come with the territory now at least to some degree no matter what you do. After all, we are minus a big part of our digestive system.
I think your gonna have quite an issue trying to control those bowel noises. Sure making sure your eating stuff that is not as hard to digest or produce less gas is the way to go but I've had bowel sounds when I had a healthy colon years ago. I think unfortunately you are stuck and a lot of people would think eating earlier will help with that issue also but I've found from experience that my stomach start making more noises around bedtime because my stomach is looking for food to digest and I also get hunger pains. Is this causing a problem in your relationship? Does he know exactly how your digestive system is set up to work because maybe this is something you want to explain so he can better undrrstand. If that is an issue for this dude maybe you should start looking for a replacement. Just a suggestion. Good Luck.
This reminds me of when I had my ileostomy for 10 months before take-down in October of 2009.

I shared a workspace with 5 other graphic artists, and when I got back to work (had colon removed on a Saturday morning, went back to work that Wednesday), I discretely told each of the 5 people that because I had my colon removed, I had a temporary medical device attached to my stomach that might make strange noises.

At the end of that day, I learned that one of them - a female - complained to HR that I had engaged in "inappropriate" conversation with her about my "private parts" that made her feel uncomfortable.

THe woman who ran HR had a sister with UC, and was sympathetic. She asked what I said, and I told her not to rely on my word - that I had the exact same conversation with everyone in my department. After she interviewed everyone she found that it was perfectly acceptable and understandable for me to warn my co-workers that sudden noises might emanate from my appliance, and it was beyond my control.

She then found that the woman who complained had violated the company's policy against harassment or discrimination based on medical condition or disability, and fired her.

I wasn't happy that she got fired. But the whole experience made me much less open about my condition.


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