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Hope everyone is doing well. Started 2022 off not too well. Ended up in the emergency room for a bad blockage. That was one of the most painful things I ever went through. I'm going to need surgery for the hernia where the stoma was, now. I was wondering if any of you went through that and what I can expect as far as recovery time, and limitations after that. Just my thoughts and opinion here, but I am not too happy with the help after the jpouch three surgery with my doctors and all that. When I initially went for the consultation with the surgeon, he gave me his cell phone number and said to call anytime if I had any questions. I called the doctors office just asking for basic info on hernia repair and some questions so I could educate myself, then I was told I had to make an appointment, with a two-month waiting list to be able to get in to see the doc. Now it seems there is no time for questions and all that since I started having complications. Last March was the take down and the only issue I really ever had was very bad dehydration two times, and I took care of that issue hydrating myself constantly. Never had any blockage issues until the hernia started about two months ago. As far as the blockage now, I started eating smaller meals and all that. I'm really concerned about what to expect with the hernia repair now. Some feedback would be appreciated.

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This is a pretty simple surgery that any general surgeon can do. They do not go into the abdominal cavity and mess with your intestines, other than to free up the organs from adhesions that may have formed to the area around the hernia. They may do a cursory “look around” to make sure all is well, but nothing like what was done for your j-pouch or ileostomy.

The mesh is used to add strength to the abdominal wall fascia, so that the hernia does not recur. This surgery can be done on an outpatient basis without a overnight stay. It all depends on your history and condition. There is no NG tube. You should be back to a regular diet quickly, as there is little to no risk of an ileus, since there is minimal manipulation of the gut. You will be advised to take it easy with lifting and exercise for about six weeks, and you should not need pain meds stronger than Vicodin or a few Percocets. But, you can be up walking right away, and you should resume that sort of activity.

Hope that helps and I hope you get it taken care of quickly!


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