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New to the group, but I am having my reversal in Thursday and curious if anyone out there has a jpouch and trains some kind of contact martial arts? I trained jiu jitsu 2 years ago before I got sick and have been itching to get back ever since.  Curious if anyone has any experience fighting again after jpouch surgery 




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After my surgery I finally felt well enough to take up a martial art, and I worked up to black belt and now I teach Japanese Ju-Jitsu. We don’t train by “fighting,” though, so I’m not sure it’s comparable to what you’d like to do. I’m guessing you mean Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, right? If you wait until you’re fully healed and pay attention to your body in an intelligent way (and you train with decent people in a good dojo) then you can likely resume training. If you want to be an MMA fighter then I have no advice for you.

Hey thanks so much for the respons .  And yes, I do mean Brazilian jiu jitsu.  In your experience, what would you say the most important things are to be mindful of when getting more active with a jpouch?

I think what has served me best really applies whether you have a J-pouch or not: respect your body and the signals it gives you. It’s easy to confuse foolish risks with hard work, and all of the sports equipment slogans tend to further blur the distinction. Allow the full healing time recommended after surgery or injury. Also: empty your pouch before playing.

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