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Hey out there- I’ve been searching for a forum like this for weeks - frustrated about all of the advice and books out there on how to go Keto - but almost nothing for folks with no colon.  I’ve been colon free - as a result of UC since 2004- and as I’m sure you all can relate - I couldn’t put weight on for years - and even after it took years to gain weight.  Well about 10 years ago - the weight just started to come on like you wouldn’t believe - like 10 pounds a year - even with CrossFit - jogging - different diets - nothing works because of the pain I experience as a result of the foods I have tried.  The pain is only manageable with Ibuprophen and literally inserting lidocaine up my (you can guess) - but burn, pain, sometimes so bad I cannot sit - sever pouchitis and the like.  I’ve learned a lot about how to maintain my pain - often at the expense of my weight because things like bread and white rice, etc. are popular with my pouch. 

Anyway - I am healthy — and decided I HAVE to do something.  My blood pressure is creeping up and there is a lot of hypertension, dementia, etc., in my gene pool - not interested in letting my genes control the future.  

I’ve done tons of research on good organic grass fed, pasture raised meat - organic veggies, etc. - and am now on the Keto journey.  I’m about 2 weeks into it - fairly strictly and am seeing some positive results but some negative. 

Negative - a very fast pulse - elevated while I go through the adaptation phase.  This does not worry me as much as the fire hose liquid coming out of my bottom - I drink bone broth, take Immodium, supplement with minerals, Potassium, Magnesiuuum, Iron, Zinc - etc. - I have BHB’s - drink plenty of water etc.   Everything I read says it will pass - go away after 3 to 4 weeks.  Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?  I just want to to know that I am not alone- this JPouch thing is lonely at times. 

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I've been on ketogenic diet for quite some time. And it has been my go to diet while I try to cut and loose body fat. I havent met any dietician post takedown for a new plan. Earlier I would drink lots of milk/yoghurt, hard boiled eggs 2 serves, nut butters (almond/peanut), healthy oils (olive/coconut), meat (all kinds), cheese, butter, cream etc. I dont supplement much except for zinc, and vitamin C and 1-2 multivitam tablets. For potassium I just drink coconut water almost eveyday on keto diet. Some MCT oil and creatine to supplemet my workout.

What you are observing is a keto flu. Its body's way to adjust to drop in insulin and blood sugar. Your workouts will feel low on energy and heart beat rise very quickly. I once almost started shivering in the initial few days without sugar. If you want to make it easy you can cheat a little on weekends and have moderate carb meals. Slowly cut them too once you adjust to the new lifestyle. 

As for the lava like runny stools I have no explanation. Boiled eggs or meats at night sometimes give me also 1-2 runny bms but it stablises afterwards.

But there is this one thing I would say, you have to be very sure you are a candidate for keto diet. Its mostly for people aiming to loose weight/body fat or diabetes. Also you have to be consistent with it. Once I start keto diet I stay on it for 2 months before starting to bulk again and eat like a freak 🤣


Are you still doing Keto? I just started it last week and haven't experienced runny BMs, but the opposite. I find that the amount of cheese I'm eating is making everything too bulky and I'm having to strain on the toilet. I also can't resist eating the roasted salted mixed nuts that my husband buys, but they're terrible for my pouch and now I have a bad hemorrhoid. 

I've read that it's popular to pair intermittent fasting with Keto. Have you done any research into that? I wonder how a j-pouch would react to, say, a 16-hour fast and 8 hours of eating. I'm a snacker throughout the day, and I justify that by saying that my j-pouch can really only handle small amounts of food at any one time, but maybe I'm just making that up. Thoughts? 

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