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Good morning hope all is well considering everything that’s going on with Covid-19. 
I was wondering does anyone knows what it is when you experience yellow watery liquid from your bottom when going to the bathroom coming out like a waterfall.  When done you then have some leaking then back to the bathroom again at least 3-4 times. However no pain or blood but dry mouth. Thanks. I did just start taking Levofloxacin  and uceris pills yesterday but this has happened to me before.

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I think everyone is different  I find foods with skins on difficult to pass but when food gets stuck sometimes I find if a lay down on my left side for a while it helps shift the food I can hear it moving it also comes with wind and I find fizzy pops can help shift things along  and hot baths these are all the things that help me it’s all a learning  and still learning hope this helps 

It's a long list for soluble and insoluble foods. The best thing you can do is google "insoluble food" and all sorts of lists will pop up. It will also give you lists of "soluble" foods. You will see what you can eat, what to avoid, or eat sparingly. Basically, insoluble foods are foods that do not break down in your gut. They come out of your pouch looking almost the same as they did going in and you can recognize it. Insoluble foods can cause difficulty with BMs, can make you feel "stuck", or can contribute to blockage. Soluble foods, on the other hand, do break down in your gut, becoming a soft, gel-like consistency, and is unrecognizable as food when it comes out. There are also lots of foods that are both soluble and insoluble. Google for lists and you'll see, and make informed choices.

Hello Angieb,

I get "waterfall" BMs occasionally too (great description!). In my case, it is usually mild pouchitis or something that I would describe as a "stomach bug" or "upset stomach" (no way to know exactly what it was, but my bowel felt the need to give itself a good cleanout!).

I believe the yellowy colour is because it is basically digestive juices (bile), dead bloodcell waste products (bilirubin) and water coming through.

If it is pouchitis, there's a distinctive smell as well, which I can't explain in writing ...!

I found the best thing to do was take it easy and have a rehydration sachet (from the chemist e.g. Hydralyte). Also stick to bland food for the next meal – e.g. stewed apple, mashed potato, toast with peanut butter – whatever disagrees with you least.

If you can make a note of what you ate prior to the waterfall, you might be able to identify a culprit. Otherwise, if you don't have any pain or other alarming symptoms, and don't get seriously dehydrated, and it gets better by the next day, it's probably "just one of those things" that comes with the j-pouch.



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