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I’m 4 months post op from takedown. I go to bathroom 8-10 time a day. Here lately been having a bm in sleep into overnight pull-up . Been feeling pressure to go, then I can’t go. I take 8 Imodium a day and use Pepto 2-3 times a day. I have 2 Metamucil wafers in morning and 2 in evening. I fear getting to far away from bathroom. Is all this normal for 4 months.

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I think it’s probably worth trying a few things to see if you can end the overnight incontinence, at least. That’s not the outcome to expect at this stage. The stool consistency that tends to work best is something like pudding or applesauce. You haven’t described yours, so it’s tricky to know what might work best for you. I’ve found that things go better at night if I don’t manage things so aggressively during the day. I use Lomotil (like Imodium) at bedtime, but not during the day. I wouldn’t recommend Pepto Bismol for daily, long-term use, though it helps some people a lot when there’s trouble brewing. I’d suggest using the Metamucil at meal time (I use it with breakfast and dinner) - perhaps that’s what you already do? We’re you given any instructions to try to “stretch” your pouch? The basic idea is to gradually delay bathroom visits more and more, to get the frequency down. This should be done gently and can take a while to change things.

It’s possible that you have pouchitis, but that wouldn’t be my first guess.

Good luck!

My thought is that the amount of immodium you are taking is slowing your digestion down so much, that your intestines are not moving the food down, but liquid flows no matter what.  Id suggest lowering your immodium amd increase your metamucil.  Im not a doctor of course, but i dont even use immodium for the same reason.  Its all timing too, like take immodium in the early evening, but make sure you have regular meals.  Also if you eat more of the BRAT diet, that should help thicke  things up so you wont have to go as often.  Let me know how it goes.

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