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Hello everybody! I am new to the site. I had my surgeries for UC in the spring (Colon remove with bag) and summer (take down) of 2017. I have a J pouch and I’ve experienced Poichitis ever since.

I’m still struggling every day. I wake up anywhere from 3 to 7 times a night to go to the bathroom. During The day I have to go at least 10 to 15 times. I have pelvic pain, The urge to go and push, bleeding, “dry heaves”, followed by severe pain in my lower back to feet.

I’m currently on Cinzia 400 per month, prednisone five MG per day to manage it. It’s not seeming to help and I’m miserable.

It seems that the Pouchist symptoms and the joint/leg pain are going hand-in-hand. After going to the bathroom I experience intense joint and leg pain. Also with severe rectal pain, itching and burning. 

does anybody else experienced this? If so do you have any tips or tricks suggestions?

currently I found that lidocaine cream 5% helps a little bit.

Thank  you I appreciate your response!

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I’ve tried Remicade, but after becoming pregnant I had to stop at trimester 3. After delivery, I tried again but became unresponsive to it.

I also tried Canassa, a suppository.

I have been diagnosed with RA, the doctors told me it was probably  caused collaterally from the UC.

Im on a bunch of other meds as well, but those are for other problems.

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