I've had IBD for over 15 years, but never had joint pain until 6 months after my j-pouch surgery. It could be a result of stopping purinethol (immuno suppressant drug) or the surgery. Strangely, the pain goes away when I get sick (norovirus and a cold), almost like my immune system stops attacking my joints to fight a real virus.

I'm trying to deal with the joint pain naturally to avoid taking more drugs or seeing a rheumatologist. I've cut out gluten from my diet and am trying to cut out dairy too, since I've heard they can cause inflammation.

Has anyone had any success decreasing joint pain by changing their diet or other natural remedies (acupuncture, massage, heat, ice, etc.)?

Thanks. Any suggestions appreciated. I'm going on a ski trip in 3 weeks and hope to solve it.
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I don't have any suggestions. For myself, I am only now experiencing periodic and minor joint pain about 20 years post UC. I, too, have a pouch. I do recall that predinsone taken over extended periods can be a culprit.

Sorry, I know this doesn't answer your question. Just sharing a possible source for the joint pain.
Same issue here. Major joint and muscle pain since jpouch surgery. Wakes me at night. Thought it was antibiotics but have finally been off for over two weeks. It is very debilitating. It can be caused by pouchitis or cuffitis or just the inflammation attacking other areas now that colon is out. I also get inflammation in my left eye since surgery and never had before it. I have thought about going to a rheumy also but also do not want more drugs. Possibly exercise may help?
There are some who swear by the low starch diet to reduce inflammatory arthritis symptoms. I imagine that like anything else, it is individual, and aso depends on how much you are willing to alter your diet. http://www.spondylitis.org/about/diet_lowstarch.aspx

All I know is that for myself, since being diagnosed with enteropathic arthritis a decade post colectomy, I cannot imagine NOT using drugs to treat it. My pain levels, range of motion, and functionality ave greatly improved since I started biologics. A bonus is improved pouch function, with less cuffitis and pouchitis. So, I couldn't be happier (except if I could achieve spontaneous remission without drugs!)

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There are tons of tricks and hints and I am sure that dietary change is a biggie..one of the things that I have learned is that sunflower seed oil is very bad for joints (inflamatory) and that turmeric is good...oligo elements like gold and copper are helpful and lowering the bread/carb/sugar/wheat doesn't hurt any either...
I don't have any magic bullit but my 'best' is regular, steady exercise of the painful joints and heat + massage if possible.
I have noticed that most of my Joint Pain has been associated with Dehydration. I try to drink close to a Gallon of water a day ... since, I lose a lot of water during the day ... I also make sure that I get those electrolytes as they too are lost during the day due to those frequent BM's. I had a trip two years ago to a Rheumatologist ... they said that it appears that I have Arthritis. Since drinking a lot of Water ... I have no symptoms (i.e., joint pain, sunken cheeks, wrinkles that I can move around on my forehead, heavy feeling on my forehead) ... I only get these symptoms when I get dehydrated. The Water has really helped to reduce my Joint Pain! Smiler

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