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I am 60 yrs old and I have a 28 year old pouch constructed due to severe UC and colon/rectal cancer. For the past 10 years I have also had (which is being monitored & shows no changes) an approx 3X3 cm pelvic mass/fistula/walled off peforation?, probably the result of difficult adhesion take down during hysterectomy. Needle aspiration revealed "many white blood cells,scant ecoli, gram positive cocci pairs moderate, gram negative bacillus,few". Extra intestinal manifestations I have had were a bout with erythema nodosum when I was 18 and a not very severe but a long course of pyoderma gangrenosum on my lower leg about 5 years ago. It took almost a year to completely cure it (prednision and protopic were the meds I was prescribed.) Between the colitis and the latter skin related issues I obviously have auto-immune issues. The years of illness, meds, and the aging process itself have taken a big toll on my face/complexion and now that my son's wedding is rapidly approaching and a few strangers (including my new GI Dr.)have mistakenly referred to me as my husband's mother(OMG!), I feel I need to do something about it NOW. I already get Botox around the forhead w/no issues but I am contemplating juvederm injections and am concerned about a negative autoimmune response including Pyoderma recurrance or something more systemic. Juvederm is mostly hyaluronic acid, a substance usually found in the body and once injected it is eventually absorbed by the body. Article I read states the potential risk of immune system reactions that can result in granulomas, & that juvederm shouldnt be used in those with allergies to bacterial proteins. There is an antidote called hyaluronidase if too much is injected. Is this stuff safe for someone like us/me? Once it is absorbed into my body could it travel to that pelvic mass and cause problems? Another alternative are non-ablative lasers which tighten your skin & stimulate the production of your own collegan; no down time or irritation. I think I read somewhere that playing around with ur collagan is not good for auto-immune disordered people. My derm was at first reluctant to do anything to me because of my issues but has now re-considered with these two options (and even something called perlane which I wont do because it requires larger needles as it is more viscous). Any imput is greatly appreciated, as pretty soon they will be calling me my husband's GRANDmother! Thanks, Hattie
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Tough question. For me, I'd err on the side of caution, since there really isn't any data on it. Some clinics will not use Juvederm if there is any history of autoimmune disease (probably to prevent future lawsuits). Anyway, especially since you have had autoimmune manifestations in the skin, I'd be particularly leary.,d.cGE&cad=rja

The non-ablative laser seems safer to me. I don't think it alters your collagen in general, but only on your face. But, it can take 2-3 months for the full effect. I do see that you cannot do both the laser and the Juvederm.

Have you considered the new "Lifestyle Lift" I see on TV all the time? Looks pretty good, minimally invasive, and no hospitalization. Not sure if it is doable for heavy wrinkles.

Jan Smiler
I'm with Jan on this one...I do understand the ravages that this disease does on the body/face/skin so I sypmathise tremendously (probably why I married a guy 15yrs such problem possible Big Grin) but seriously, I am very pro light lazer is surface treatment and your body's collagene is stimulated naturally through the process...There are other non-lazer methods that do the same thing but it takes much longer to get results...There are also some intense creams and treatment combos that work well too (you can start by doing weekly skin sloughing treatments that cost nearly nothing (those apricot grains cream in drugstores that you massage your skin with and wash off give fabulous results immediately and over time also help to build the collegen up in the skin) me if you want some cheap, effective hints.
PS, I would do nothing that could hurt your body or cause you longterm have suffered enough as it is.
I just had my annual botox and restylane injections last week. The botox only lasts 3-4 months but the restylane lasts a year on me. That is injected between the end of the nose and the side of the mouth and helps fill in that line. I already have lymphoma and I don't think it has made a difference in my health. Although I must admit I'm in better bad shape now with pouchitis, vaginal fistula and 2 strictures and in the bathroom 30+ times a day.
Sharon, Sorry but I do not have any before pictures. I was pretty upset about the frostbite damage. I had a small sliver of skin under each eye exposed between my face mask and goggles. I don't know why I didn't feel it.
I was out dogsledding and camping north of Ely, Minn. when the temperature jumped down to minus 35 F with an additional windchill factor of minus 15 F. This meant the ambient temperature was minus 50 F. We rushed as fast as we could back to Ely but it was not fast enough.
Dogsledding??? You are my hero! Wow, talk about a poster child for success...I know some who would be happy just to make it out to the supermarket once a week! are incredible...
So, are you happy with it? How did it go? Did it hurt?? Please give details! I would love to do this (cannot ever have any facial surgery but have many, many scars...cysts removed)...what was the short-term/long-term post treatment and how long did it take to get your first positive result?

I am extremely happy with the results. When I got to the er in Minnesota, they had to cut off the blackened skin and treat the frostbite. Four months later I was ready for cosmetic treatment.

I had two treatments about four weeks apart for the frostbite by a plastic surgeon. He did inject collagen and steroids under different parts of the scar tissue. The laser did not hurt at all.
Right now I am the only one who can still see damage. I started seeing improvement in two weeks after the first treatment.

I had just one treatment for the sunspots by a dermatologist. He used a different machine on the sunspots. Each area was zapped by the laser and there was a brief stinging feeling. The sunspots scabbed over and were gone in about two weeks. I always wear a 50 sunscreen on my face if I am outside for more than an hour. Otherwise I use a 30. If I am not wearing a helmet, I wear wide brimmed hats.

I use Decleor lightening and Guinot skin products. Twice daily wash with a skin brush, tonic and moisturize. Twice a week Guinot exfoliate scrub and Decleor lightening moisturizing mask. I agree with the French philosophy that taking care of your skin is much better than covering it up with make-up. I want to look great at 80!

I wear udder balm ointment on my face, hands and feet in temperatures below freezing. I also put it on the dog's pads or coat the inside of their boots with it.

I plan on having the same scar treatment done on my 9 3/4". abdominal scar as the frostbite treatment. Unfortunately the surgery incision healed unevenly so I have pockets and puckers on one side of the scar. I keep getting skin infections in the little pockets. I was told the worst case scenario is that only 90% of the puckering and pockets can be removed. One of the pockets will need to be surgically altered and then followed up by a scar treatment.

I found my plastic surgeon through a recommendation from the head of the Trauma Unit at my favorite hospital. Some of the before and after pictures of accident victims were amazing!

Scar treatments have come a long way. I would be surprised if your scars could not be completely removed. Good luck!
Wow!! sound like you have done your research well on this and that the results are great! I am a ball of scars all over my body...legs (2 gracillis muscle grafts = 16 horrible scars), abdomen with 9 horrid scars + all of the laporoscopy scars that look like just as many bellybuttons all over the palce (they sunk!), face and body from cyst removal everywhere (I grow cysts that infect and need to be removed but they leave the darn things open to drain get the drift...horrible scars) so anything that could help would be wonderful...I am now starting to have these tiny growths all over my face and they are telling me that they can slice them off but that they will leave white circular scars everywhere...not quite what I was hoping for (they think that this is part of the D'heller's-Danlos syndrom) so if someone could lazer these things off of me I would be thrilled!...and I would love to resurface body is bad enough, I would at least like to feel attractive for my hubby from neck up!
I do my due dilligence for my face/body with facial scrubs on a regular basis, good quality face creams thanks to a wonderful friend who works for one of the most expensive cosmetic houses in France (God bless here, I couldn't afford them otherwise) so I do the work but nature is still nature...menopause doesn't help us at all...I am up for anything non-surgical (had enough)...I still have to go through one last abdominal repair from my surgeon who bothched the fix (only under local anesthetic...2 scars left to remove)...I like the idea of the udder cream...makes sense...we used to use lanolin back in Toronto but for the sunscreen...most good quality face creams have an spf 30 in their daycreams now for the summer and whenever I go away I slather up on 60spf all over my body (the grandkids use 40!!!!), wear long sleeves and a cap or hat...scared to death of skin cancer...
Thanks so much for the info...keep me posted on the progress.

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