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I had a total colectomy in 2013 and they left 10cm of rectum in there so I would have the option of having the J pouch down the track if I wanted to. After 2 years of passing mucous and blood I booked in to see the GI and mentioned all the other doctors had told me any further surgery was not possible before I have had my children. He said that was ridiculous and that it would be better to get it done beforehand because of the state its in at the moment, and acknowledged that the less surgeries the better but only if it was in remission.


My partner and were planning to start trying to conceive in October but if I go ahead with the J pouch it won't be until the start of next year, which is OK.


Basically I have been reading and come across an article that said only 13% of women with a pouch delivered vaginally, and that infertility can be a massive issue post J pouch surgery.


Is anyone willing to share their stories about trying to get pregnant after their surgeries, and how things went? I would love to hear some success stories after all the horrible ones I have found!!


Thankyou SO much. If anyone wants to chat more my email is meganlearls@gmail.com



Megan xxx 

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I’ll chime in since this thread is recently reemerging I have had quite the trying to get pregnant experience. My husband and I tried for about a year and nothing- I had a laparotomy and they found super bad endometriosis and lots of scar tissue from my Jpouch surgery in 2006 which my obgyn was able to laser off. We then tried again for almost 2 year and finally after IUI’s, multiple rounds of clomid etc. decided to go to IVF... first time and yep! I am pregnant!! I knew when I had my JPouch surgery my fertility would be compromised significantly. I really don’t think I was going to get pregnant on my own and at 32 we decided to just go for it. Hope this story helps someone who’s TTC. don’t give up hope! It can happen 

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