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Hi sitting at mass general my 18 year old daughter Had 1 step j pouch surgery yesterday, the surgery took about 5 hours. She's doing very well, sat up in a chair today for about 15 minutes. She said sitting in the chair was a bit difficult, but the nurses say that's a huge step for the day after surgery. I will keep you all posted on her progress. Email me anytime, Cathy. God is Good
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Way to go. I had Issues with my first surgery that slowed things a bit (slipped knot needed 12 pints of blood and a 2nd surgery 7 hours later)but sitting up on first day is great. I spent 3 days in a induced coma to give me a rest
but on day 4 hours out of the coma some hard ass nurse had me up walking. so I had some fun she wanted me to walk 100 feet I pushed it to 400 ft. took all I had but she had to keep up.
Enjoy the days to come most will be good some will be hard but all will be worth it.

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