Thanks for the reply. It makes me feel not so alone.

I also did get approved for SSD, but they denied back pay. So, I have a lawyer now, that is appealing not getting paid when I was severly ill. I'm 61 and have a good amount of other medical and mental health (anxiety/depression) problems. Were you asked anything in court. How did you answer "What symptoms kept you from working?"

I was approved with my initial application but they had me see one of their psychologist's and a MD. I had documented my last day at work. My LTD insurance used that date as well. Getting my private insurance didn't help with the SSDI application but it helped me continue to get paid when they tried to cut off those benefits.

I kept thinking I was going to get better so didn't file until over 2 years from that date. They paid me back pay as follows. The first 6 months after my last day they didn't pay as that is the amount of time you don't get paid for. I also didn't get paid for 6 more months as I filed so late.  They can only pay back 1 year from when you file.  So I got paid back one year from filing and for the 3 months it took for approval of my application.

I also have other health problems that includes mental as well. I was 55 the last time I worked.

The most back benefits you can get is a year from when you filed. Also you can get more for any time you had to appeal your filing. So if you filed and they denied then you appealed and that process took time I think they should pay you for all the time from when you filed to when you were ultimately approved.

That's my understanding of how it works. The back benefits were great as I could afford to replace my washer and dryer and some other bills.  I imagine you could use that money as well.

Good Luck!

Thank you so much! My case is in the hands of a lawyer now. I worked until I got laid off. The company knew that I had 2 more surgeries to go. So they cut me a 2 wks severence pay BUT I had to sign a statement that I would not sue them. So, no short or long term disability. I was denied my first application which I was not finished with as incomplete. I was denied my second application as well. Then, I got a lawyer. I was approved and finally 8 months later I got my first check. Now we're appealing and going back to when I was working sick 2017. I'm also going to file for SSI. I want to try working part time But I'm here in FL for my parents (in their eighties). I also have depression & anxiety, along with 2 other autoimmune diseases, stage 3 kidney disease, etc. I'm exhausted. Starting working at age 14, and I'm 61.  Always had physically or emotionally demanding jobs. SSD is telling us that our day in court will not come until 12-18 months. I sure can use a lump sum. I need my car's A/C replaced (2-3 grand)!

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