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Over the last two years, I have had:

1.Back fusion 4/2018;

2.Left Hip replacement where they had to fracture top of femur, wire it together, then do hip replacement  11/2018

3.L. Fractured femur surgery  5/2019

4. Legs swelled up 20 lbs from pulmonary hypertension. Now learning to walk again. 11/2019

2. and 3 on my  L post polio leg.

I was in a wheelchair for four months last year.  I turned 80 last October.

Now over about the last 6 months for some reason I cannot stop my feces from slipping out. If I get up from a chair, if I am walking, if I bend over.  I feel it going down to my pad. When I go to the bathroom, there is usually a large amount of feces on my sanitary pad (I wear two) and I have to be careful that it does not drop on the floor.

I have had my J pouch since 1984 and with Metamucil and Lomotil I have pretty much controlled my feces, but not recently. I get to video conference with my gastro dr. on 28th August to discuss this. 

I wondered if anyone has had similar problems after major surgery of legs and back. I assume the something is not working right.

Thanks, Mary Loar





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