Hi, was wondering if I could have some advice off people who have gone through the j pouch removal.

I’m 2 and a half weeks post removal. Stomach is healing ok and stoma is, well bring a very noisy new stoma (hope this settles down, previous ones haven’t been this loud).

My biggest issue is my bottom! Incision scabbed over really nicely, but over the past 5 days the scab has fallen off. Today I woke up and went downstairs and before I knew it I had mucus and blood pouring out of a small area of my rectum, literally a puddle of it on the floor. Was coming from  the bottom of my rectum, near my testicles. Is the normal? It had a bit of a odour too!

Bit worried.

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It should not be collecting and leaking fluids...it can happen and does, but it should not...inform your surgeon...sometimes it dries out, sometimes the scar opens (dehysses)  and leaks. 

If the area is hot, if you are running a fever, if you have throbbing pain...then make sure that you see your surgeon asap...


Thanks Sharon!

I went to my gp yesterday and he sent me to the hospital.

Surgeons seemed quite unphased by it, said it may have been a little infection but my blood cand back pretty normal. He said it looked like it had all came out which I highly doubted as my pad was still sodden with this mucus / puss discharge. He sent me home with a five day course of antiobiotics.

Woke up this morning and it’s still leaking out of me at a fair old rate! Let’s hope these antibiotics work. Fed up of being a broken tap!


It can seep for quite a while...I know that it seems like a lot but a couple of tablespoonsful of liquid feels like gallons!

Every surgery, I collect fluids behind my scars (infection? just clear or pinkish liquid sometimes)...rarely a massive infection but usually just seepage.

I won't say that it is nothing but I will say that if it isn't thickish, greenish, yellowish or smelly than it is less dangerous. 

Some of us just build pockets of fluids and as long as they come out, we are fine, if they build up and do not escape then it is worse. You end up with abscesses and that is not good at all. 

Keep changing those pads, taking the antibiotics and do not overdo it...Avoid sitting on hard surfaces for too long or on things that are too soft. You might find that an ice pack wrapped in a towel or old t-shirt applied to the area can relieve the pain or pressure. 


I had a fluid like something on my bladder per a CTscan after I was diverted to an ileostomy.  I was admitted for an interventional radiologist to drain it to find out if it was an abscess.  It was normal fluid that had accumulated there after the surgery and it would have dissipated all by it's self.  During the next, and last, surgery my j-pouch was removed. My back side took the longest to heal but there wasn't a discharge.   

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