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My jpouch worked great for years. Last year, I started having issues. It was discovered that I had an internal septum that was interfering with it function.  Last December the septum was surgically repaired and got a temporary illeostomy which was reversed a week ago today. The 6 months of illeostomy worked well .  It seemed to be functioning so I was released from the hospital yesterday. This morning I woke up with awful nausea, bloating and it’s been hard to go to the bathroom.  

just wondering if this sounds familiar and what I might expect moving forward.
Thanks a bunch


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Can you tell if your pouch is actually full when you try to go to the bathroom? You could have some swelling around the takedown area, leading to a partial blockage. The bloating can make it feel like the pouch needs to be emptied, but there’s not much there. It will be best if you can avoid straining to try to poop. Hopefully this will clear itself up soon. In the meantime it’s critical that you stay hydrated.

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