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I had a question regarding the location of the J-Pouch, I've been meaning to ask my surgeon but always forget when I get to her office. Is in more towards the front of the abdomen or more towards the back?

I've had a dull ache in my lower back, tailbone region... just wondering if some of the lifting I've been doing at work could be causing some sort of irritation in there?

Thank you in advance.
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More toward the back, though low enough that it's as much in the pelvis as abdomen. There are some pouch problems that can cause tailbone pain. Are you asking if your lifting may have caused a pouch problem? It can sure cause back problems without the pouch involved at all.
It is in the back, behind your bladder and next to the posterior pelvic wall. It is low, in the pelvis, next yo the sacrum.

So, yeah, if you have things going on with your pouch, you may get very low back pain, such as tailbone. But, unless you have other symptoms like fever, pouchitis symptoms, etc., it is more likely to be muscle strain.

Jan Smiler

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