I'm seeing a surgeon in 3 days regarding the removal of my Gallbladder. I currently have upper right quadrant abdominal pain, extending to the back, for 3 weeks and all tests are indicating it's the gallbladder. (There are no stones). Pain is generally brought on with eating or drinking and then relieved with Ibuprofin.

I've had my J-Pouch for 35 years and it's aging like the rest of my pelvic floor after 2 children. I have my strategies and medication go-to's for management but, I'm increasingly concerned at the effect the loss of my gallbladder will have on my continence and daily management. What issues have people experienced when unable to digest fats etc?

I'm not concerned at the actual surgery, it's that I need to know what to expect post-surgery, what diet complications I'll need to adjust to both short term and long term (after surgery)?

Is there anything else I should be considering to prepare my questions for discussing this issue with my surgeon?

Finally, has anyone experience non-stone related pain and issues which has responded to non-surgical management. I know diet adjustments will help but is there an alternative treatment, such as specific anti-inflammatories or medications targeting gallbladder flare-ups?

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I just had emergency gallbladder removal surgery three days ago and the only dietary advice I was given upon discharge was to avoid foods that are high in fat until I'm feeling better. I was told that otherwise I might have diarrhea, which made me laugh for obvious reasons. They said every patient's different and you'll learn by trial and error if there are foods you should now avoid.

Something I was unprepared for was how difficult it was to have bowel movements for the first 1.5 to 2 days. It's getting easier now but is still unpleasant. Part of this is that I was on intravenous antibiotics, followed by oral antibiotics. Those meds completely eliminate gas for me, and without gas it's hard to empty my pouch. Part of it's the abdominal pain every time I tried to push. The pain's particularly bad in the area where they cut through old scar tissue.

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