I am a 60 year old women and I had takedown surgery with J-pouch creation last November.  I do not have any of the colon left in my body.  They tell me my sphincter muscle is good.  

I take imodium - 8 to 10 tablets a day as my stools are like water and many times explosive

I have a big problem with nighttime to a point where I am in the shower up to 3 times a night cleaning up/changing clothes and other runs to the bathroom in between.  I need some true sleep !  This does not happen to this extent every night.  I would say 10 percent of the time it isn't this extreme. I take imodium b4 bed as well  and after every bowel movement at night.  

Also some seepage during the day and the only way I know is the burning starts. 

Also I seem to be  gaining weight when my intake is not much.

 My surgeon tells me to take as much imodium as I need. Should I be seeking advice from a gastrointestinal doc?  I need other suggestions as this is not working..





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I believe its time to see a new GI.  I had the same issues for many years until I found a good GI who put me on different medicines that helped me tremendously.  You may find you have a case of pouchitis, which a round a antibiotics might help. (Leakage is my number one sign of pouchitis.)

Definitely look for a good GI. I remember too well how being sleep deprived isn't really living. I don't want you to have to continue to go through this if you can get some help.

Wishing you the best

Why aren't you wearing diapers for the night so cleaning up isn't such a big thing for you? Better than washing clothes all the time. I don't have any advice and I hope you get better soon. I had my colectomy in November and reconnection just at the end of May. 

Dawnoo, in the mean time, maybe take some fiber before or after each meal. I take 2 lomotil and 2 Imodium before bed. Try emptying your pouch before bed. You could also ear a small thickening snack before bed also, like a couple of peanut butter crackers or just a bit of peanut butter without crackers. I kind of sounds like you have pouchitis though. If you can't get into a GI fairly soon, maybe your surgeon could give you an antibiotic. Good luck with it all. Keep us informed. 


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