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So for many years I took Celexa to curb anxiety and depression (had to be brand because something in generics makes my GI symptoms go bananas - specifically urgent, bloody stools 20+ times a day). This was *before* my j-pouch, when I just had regular ol' UC.  Six years ago my house burned down, and the Celexa stopped working. My GP switched me to Zoloft, which wasn't good for me. I fainted twice while on it, and couldn't eat. It was more than just not having an appetite, I was flat-out repulsed by the idea of eating, which is definitely not me. Then they weaned me off of it too fast, and I had vertigo and couldn't get off the couch for a week. It was terrible, and I figured if I felt like garbage regardless of my meds, I should just try to go without. Shortly after, I found out I needed a colectomy. Since the only silver-lining that I could see at the time was finally getting off of Imuran and Pentasa after fifteen years on each, I said eff it, I want to be med free entirely. I relied on Ativan as-needed through the surgeries, and that was it beyond whatever was in my IV during my hospital stays.

I'm now three years out, and am really struggling with my old companions - anger, frustration, depression and anxiety. I've known a few people who have taken Welbutrin, but it's always seemed to exacerbate their anxiety, which I definitely don't need. Even when I had a colon, the idea of going down the trial-and-error rabbit hole of finding the right med was off-putting, but now I'm doubly concerned about how a new med could impact my j-pouch. Are any folks taking anti-depressants with success and no j-pouch upset? I know we're all different, but figured it couldn't hurt to info gather.



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My surgeon put me on Ativan after having complications after my surgery.  Believe or not 8 years later I am still on Ativan.  I only take it at night because I can not sleep with out it.  I did try to come off while under a drs. care.  Didn't work.  So here I am still on Ativan.  I don't know what it will do to my body in the long run.  I do notice that I am anxiety ridden sometimes so I just try to deal with it.  I do yoga and breathing exercise  to try and release my stress.  I am trying not to take to much medication.  I do take lomotil every day.  When I am real bad with the burning I take an oxycodone at night maybe two times during the month.  I know it is not easy for some of us J-pouchers.  I hope you find an answer   Grace


Resurrecting an old thread.  I'd still like to find something I can take that doesn't upset my gut.  Over the years I have tried numerous medications for depression, but seems they all end up causing burning and diarrhea. Mine is a constant mild depression, but is interfering with normal life again. Haven't been on anything in a number of years.  Last one tried was Pristiq. It actually improved my symptons, but after a period of time the burning was unbearable.

Is anyone else on antidepressants with good results?  If so, what?

I take Wellbutrin SR 2x a day and Lexapro in the morning. I have a past history of panic attacks, general and social anxiety which was pretty much history until I had an unexpected episode of acute kidney failure a few years ago that left me with a PTSD like level of anxiety and panic attacks. I have Xanax as needed for that though I don't take it often at all.  Over the years I took quite a few different ADs (along with Xanax regularly during my severe panic attack/agoraphobic years, and several different meds for adhd which I was diagnosed with in 1982) and very few both worked and agreed with me - Wellbutrin was the only one that made a positive difference without side effects. After the Kidney Failure incident we added a low dose of Lexapro and that seems to have contributed to things in a positive way. My depression when it's active is what is called atypical; I do the exact opposite of what ordinary depression brings out - I could sleep non stop, eat huge amounts of food I don't even like. I really haven't had serious depression issues since we got cats in 2012, so maybe that was the answer all along 😋

I'm on Strattera (atomoxetine) for depression and attention problems. I took wellbutrin for a few months--the time release didn't get absorbed and then when I switched to tablets I had pretty vicious anxiety, way too much. Strattera definitely works for me, one a day is ideal (prescribed two). EXCEPT it causes some constipation and now I'm worried that's rekindling a fistula issue I had about 18 months ago. 

Curious if anyone here has had fistula/urinary/perianal issues on these meds?

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