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Does anyone have a diverting loop ileostomy, but feel as though they need to have a normal bowel movement several times a day?
Nothing happens when I try to defecate normal, but when I manually empty a ton of fluid comes out with a white flaky looky substance (attached a pic, but there are a ton more that come out)  and feels sorta like mucus sorta not.  I guess my question is should this be happening several times a day now that I have a diverted ileostomy and nothing is connected to J-Pouch.

Thank you.

Any advice or suggestions.


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Mucus discharge is normal after the pouch is constructed, before it is attached. an ostomy nurse mentioned this to me while I was in the hospital. I was glad she did, because otherwise when it started, a few weeks after the surgery for me, it would have been quite a surprise.  I understand that the mucus is generated by the mucosa in the rectum; it's not coming from the pouch itself. I'd guess that amount varies from person to person - as does much else with this new anatomy.  

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