I have not been on this site for some time. My j pouch is 30 years old. I had 4 fistula repairs from 2012-2016, temp ostomy and reconnect. Fistula is back and I am done. J pouch coming out next Thursday. I am told 5 hr surgery. I will have open surgery and a tap block. Fingers crossed no complications and I am out in 5-7 days like Dr predicts.

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Good luck with everything!  My pouch was >25 yrs old when it was removed in oct., and I had 2 fistulas.   My fistulas  have no more drainage, which is wonderful.  I don't really even need to use pads anymore.  I was stitched on the inside of my backside, and there was an opening left for drainage for the big fistula. 

My surgery was 3-1/2 hrs, also involved adhesion removal and stoma revision.  I had a pouch disconnect 1 year earlier, with an end ileostomy, adhesions were removed during that surgery as well.  I had open surgery with a tap block both times, which worked really, really well to control pain for about 2-3 days after the surgery, then the pain set in, but I had a patient controlled analgesic (button I could press with dilaudid) which was very helpful.   I was out in 5 days with oxycodone for pain, but had to go back 4 days later due to ileus and what turned out to be gastritis.  Just something kind of quirky that happens to me when I've had intestinal surgery.

I hope it all goes well for you, I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.  Keep us updated when you can.

My surgeon told me the removal surgery is more complicated than the creation surgeries.  That said she operated 8 hours of which 5 hours were due to removal of adhesions.

In my opinion the removal surgery was much easier to recover from than the first surgery that removed my colon and created the j-pouch.

Good luck!  I hope your surgery is without complications during and after.

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