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I’ve had a j-pouch since 1989 because of ulcerative colitis.  I’ve learned a few things about managing it, and I would like to share.  Most people already know you can’t fill up on fruits and vegetables without having very acidic diarrhea. Cooked  White  Rice really helps. I eat it almost very day.  Sometimes, I even just chew up  3 or 4 teaspoons of raw Minute Rice with sips of water. (Minute Rice is easier to chew uncooked than the regular kind) .  Those cheese sandwich crackers help, too.
My biggest hint is to take a mixture of Banasol Plus and KONSYL daily.   These are brand names, but I’m not selling them or receiving any compensation for listing them.  They are just what I’ve discovered work.
  Having a JPOUCH means you must learn to manage it, or life is a misery.  Banatrol Plus really helps.  It comes with a one tablespoon scoop.  What I have learned about my JPouch is that one scoop of Banatrol Plus, and two scoops of original formula KONSYL mixed with about 4-5 ounces  of ice water will control the loose, often acidic  stools and diarrhea that are part of living with a JPOUCH.  DO NOT drink anything for about an hour before and after taking this mixture.  If you do, you’ll defeat the purpose of thickening the stool.  The mixture of Banatrol and KONSYL will be a little thick and lumpy, about like a malt.  Take sips of ice water to help get it down.  This mixture, plus the occasional Imodium AD, makes living with a JPouch almost like “normal.”  (I’ve had mine for over 30 years. If you’ve just gotten one, hang in there.  It does get better.)   Banatrol Plus is an excellent stool thickener.  The taste is tolerable but not great.  I think it’s a good value for what it means to my quality of life. This, plus Konsyle, is a game changer with a JPOUCH.  Just remember not to drink much water an hour before and an hour after taking it.
Again, I’m not profitting in anyway from listing products, but they are what I use, and it’s miserable without them.  
I hope this helps someone out there who is struggling with the acidic loose stools and leakage of a j-pouch.

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Thanks for sharing!  I use psyllium, too and just discovered it after 15 years of watery stools, not always burning but sometimes.  No name, just plain organic psyllium powder.  The non-organic is weird and doesn't work for me, which is why I specify organic, and it also has to be powder.

I looked up Banatrol and that would be a no for me because it has dairy.  I take visbiome occasionally, but I wonder about its effectiveness because of the dairy.  I eat lots of coconut yogurt and other fermented foods, though there have been no studies on them like there have vwwn on visbiome, regarding pouchitis. 

Another soluble fiber that helps is oats.  Sometimes I like to mix in some chia seeds because they're high in Omega 3 and they are also soluble fiber, like the psyllium & oats.  They're all pretty soothing to my guts.  And then if there is inflammation, aloe juice or gel is also really helpful, though it can also be a laxative.  I'd say take it on an empty stomach!

Thank you for your information. Honestly I didn’t know about the fruits and vegetables causing butt burn. Is is something we can have in moderation?  I’ve read many people saying they can eat anything so I assumed that meant vegetables and fruit. It’s been 10 weeks since my take down so I’m just trying to figure things out I thought I could eat salads after my ileostomy was gone.

Kerrymareee, it really does depend on the person.  I’ve read of many people who can eat anything at anytime, but I never could.  You’ll just have to try different things and see.  Most of the people in this group have had issues of various kinds.  The people that don’t have issues usually aren’t drawn to be part of a group like this.  I do know that what you can’t eat easily for the first few weeks or months can change, and you can eat them later.   I hope you do well.

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