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Hi all, i have came to this forum many times to read up on everything especially when I have something about my pouch I want answered. It's a great group! This is my first time posting so I'm going to give a brief rundown.

Diagnosed with UC in 2002; reverse total colectomy and jpouch in 2006-2007

I've never really had any significant issues since my surgery in 2006. My jpouch has been fantastic, until recently. I just got out of the hospital. I was in there for 9 days. I went in by ambulance at 1:00 in the morning due to severe pain all throughout my abdomen, it had been hurting since about 3:00 earlier that day, I tried taking care of it at home but the pain was to bad. So get to the er and they do a barium enema and see that I have a small bowel stricture. My intestine was narrowing. So lots of pain meds and some I've fluids for 9 days in the hospital and they sent me home. I was on a clear liquid diet in the hospital up until a few days ago. They started increasing my diet and I eventually got back to regular food. My BM were not "the norm" before I left but my guts were moving and I was able to pass gas and have BM. I just got home this morning... I've eaten a few soft things and I haven't had a BM. I'm scared I'm getting obstructed again and I don't want to have to go back. I was told my bowels are moving slowly but am still nervous. Any advice from anyone? Should I be ok as long as I'm passing a small amount of stool and gas? Any advice helps me guys. Thanks so much!

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The fortunate thing for you is that you know what the problem is: a stricture. Many of us suffer with the occasional, random obstruction due to adhesions. A stricture is a little different. It is always there. You may or may not have more trouble, but the fact that this stricture is there means it is more likely that you will have more challenges with obstructions. Too much fiber can block you, and the resulting inflammation could be serious (as you found with this episode). Strictures can tighten over time too, so that can add to your concern.

That said, you should be able to eat fairly normally, but be sure to advance your diet gradually. I would also avoid very fibrous food and roughage, and chew very well. You could be lucky and this is the first and last episode. But, it just makes sense to be vigilant. If it becomes recurrent, you will just have to have the stricture resected. 

Another thing to discuss with your doctor is whether this is a possible sign of a Crohn’s diagnosis or just a complication of your surgery.

Good luck!


Do you have confirmed endometriosis? If so, that would indicate more likely to not be Crohn’s related. The bad news is that endometriosis does not just go away. Have you tried birth control pills or hormone implant to stop menses and reduce the endometriosis impact?


I've been tested for Crohn's and Endometriosis. Negative for Crohn's positive for endometriosis. I had no idea until recently that endometriosis could be in different areas of your body aside from the reproductive area. They think that's what may be causing the stricture in my small intestine and have me following up with a gyno and a gastro. We will be looking into birth control to control it. 

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